New Orphan Black is due today and if Cosima dies i will throw a live baby to someone’s roof, stay tuned

*dances into your house to Aira Mitsuki’s “Summeeeeer set”,robs you at gunpoint while the song is still on,beats you up and then leaves right on time for the song to finish *

daizette replied to your post: I got a smartphone after resisting cha…

you abandoned us of the Motorola Razr club. you are a Traitor

Motorola phones are hard for an old grandmother like myself,i have never been able to be confortable with one of them

i’m most def a Nokia person but i wanted android and you can only get Windows Phone models here so i’m currently struggling with a Samsung and goddammit you cant customize shit on this phone i’m 100% not here for this i’m a good person i dont deserve this.gif

putaymasputa replied to your post: I got a smartphone after resisting cha…

*prays leaked lyrics for vista*

please stop,we dont know what she’s saying and it could release terrible forces upon us